Video & Podcasts

The KOHA Skills Team will be providing videos for coaches, parents and players to view that emphasize skills that we are working on within the association.

STICKHANDLING VIDEO - Sidney Crosby practicing a lot of the same drills we utilize in KOHA!

  • Notice his hands are always out in front of his body and never rested on his hips. His bottom hand moves up and down his stick to allow him to make different moves.
  • He utilizes his backhand as much as possibly in the drills so that in game situations he can attack in either direction.
  • The biggest key to watch is the speed he attempts with each drill - he still loses the puck every once in a while and doesn't get frustrated. If you want to be a top-end hockey player you have to practice at game speed most of the time.

SKATING VIDEO - Here is an NHL training camp video. The players are focusing on under speed edge control training. As the drill progresses, pucks are added to increase the difficulty. Throughout the drill, players are working on an open hip pivot, which was a huge focus from the KOHA Skills Team last season. Skill focused, small area drills at the highest level!