TIER II (A/AA) Travel Teams



The Kalamazoo Optimist Hockey Association (KOHA) will host travel teams at the Squirt A and AA, PeeWee A & AA, Bantam A & AA and JV levels. We also will host tryouts for teams in the Girls divisions (12U/14U/16U) - Lady KWings - for the 2017/18 season. All the travel teams except for the High School JV team, participate in the Little Caesars Amateur Hockey League. The JV team participates in the Adray Hockey League.

The travel program is a natural extension of KOHA’s House and House B (KOHA BRONCOS) programs. Tier II hockey offers an opportunity for players to play at a higher level of competition with similarly skilled players from other associations throughout Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois. Teams will usually practice 3 times per week, play games primarily on weekends and travel to 2 or 3 out-of-town tournaments during the season.

The KOHA Travel program is governed by the KOHA board of directors and Director of Travel Hockey, Dave Toth. Fundraising efforts are organized on a team-by-team basis and all teams can participate in the yearbook fundraiser where they can sell advertising to local businesses to help offset the cost of the program.

Tryouts for FALL TEAMS are held in the spring, and specific dates and times will be posted per MAHA guidelines. If you have any questions regarding travel Hockey, please contact Dave Toth at (269)349-7825 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

KOHA has committed to utilizing the American Development Model (ADM) at all levels within our program to provide age-specific, skill-based training for long term athlete development. We believe that KOHA, and Kalamazoo, can be a hockey destination, not merely one of the largest youth hockey associations in Michigan. And we believe that improved player development, in an age-appropriate format, will help us reach that goal.

The ADM requires a practice to game ratio of 3:1 which means that, while there will be a cap on the number of games that can be played at each age division, the skaters will see a significant increase in ice touches over previous years. Practices will incorporate the principles of the ADM: primarily small-area, station-based practices that promote greater skill development and result in greater ice utilization (i.e. - your skater will be moving more and doing more during all of their practices). As players progress in age they will have more full ice practices to incorporate the skills learned in larger areas. Each division will practice 3 times per week (most likely Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays), with games on weekends. The program is still geared toward development and fair playing time. Practice days and times may vary depending on ice availability, but we will do our best to coordinate the schedule in an effort to make as few changes as possible throughout the season.

Skill Directors
KOHA's Skills Team will be on the ice one time per week again to focus on skating, stick/puck handling and goalie coaching.

Frequently asked questions:

What is it?
The KOHA Tier II  (A & AA) program is open to all players who are interested in playing. Players will attend Tryouts for fall teams in the spring, and players will be offered a spot on the team based on their skill level. KOHA offers this program to players in Squirt, Peewee, Bantam and JV levels. JV tryouts are in the fall for the pre-season. Regular season JV tryouts are held following high school tryouts in November.

What is the league KOHA Tier II teams play in?
KOHA Tier II teams play in the Little Caesars Amateur Hockey League which is a Detroit based league. The league is tiered into 3 skill levels. Teams are placed in a level based on the coaches requests and  previous years team statistics. Divisions are formed within each tier usually based on geographical location of the team when able. LCAHL has league boundaries which are described on the league web site. Teams that are outside the boundaries must play their home games within the described boundaries to be in the league. Occasionally there are teams from Illinois Indiana and Ohio but teams do not have to travel there to play.  League details can be found at lcahl.org

The KOHA Junior Varsity team will play in the Adray hockey league in the west division which is mostly the Grand Rapids area. The team may play games in the other divisions once Adray state playoffs begin.

Why does KOHA offer this level of hockey?
The Tier II program is offered for players that are at the top skill levels in KOHA. This program can be slightly higher in cost and ice time above our House B program. It is geared towards developing players to their top potential to prepare them for next level of hockey as they progress in age and skill. In fact players that have played KOHA Tier II Hockey have gone on to play on top lines in both AAA and high school hockey. Players are encouraged to play at the Tier II level to gain the needed skills to have an immediate impact at the AAA or high school levels in the future. The heightened competition at this level will advance the players skills at a faster rate then the lower levels can. The Tier II teams will generally have an hour to 1 hour and 15 minute practices during the week and then either play games or practice on the weekends. Teams will participate in 2 -3 tournaments during the year as well. Our Tier II teams will also participate in the District 6 tournament with the opportunity to advance to the State tournament.

What is the cost of the program and what does it cover?
The fee includes practice jerseys, home and away socks, home practice and game ice time, referees, LCAHL league and playoffs, coaches pay, administration and treasurer fees. Game jerseys and team Warm ups are a separate fee - typically about $130 for a set of home & away jerseys and $95 for warm ups (based on 2016-17 season pricing). Beginning with the 2016-17 season and forward, KOHA will not be issuing refunds for Tier II teams . You will find that the cost at KOHA is competitive to other West Michigan associations for what we offer our skaters. See Fee Chart below for approx. cost of each program.

What is the tryout process?
Players register for the tryout date that is for their age group (an 8U-eligible player may not try out for Squirt, and a PeeWee-eligible player may not try out for Bantam). For PeeWee, Bantam and JV, players attend three days of tryouts and following the third day players that make the team will be posted to the KOHA web site. Squirt A and AA players will attend evaluation skates and following the final evaluation skate, coaches will begin calling the families of the players that they want to offer a spot on the team. Once the team is filled any player not offered a spot can sign up for the House B draft. Squirt teams will have between 13 and 15 players, PeeWee and Bantam teams will have between 15 and 17 players. JV will have up to 20 players rostered on the team. In regard to the JV team, players that played on their high school team the previous year are NOT eligible to tryout for the pre-season JV team. Once high school tryouts are complete, KOHA will hold tryouts for the regular season team to fill the spots of the players that made their high school team. At that time any player that does not have a spot on a high school team is eligible to tryout.

How do we register?
CLICK ON THE RED "REGISTER" BUTTON NEAR THE TOP LEFT NAVIGATION MENU OF THIS PAGE TO REGISTER FOR ANY OF OUR PROGRAMS! For further information, call (269) 349-7825 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Who will the coaches be?
2017/18 Tier II KWings & Lady KWings coaching information here

How are teams formed?
KOHA will form Tier II teams based on skill level which will be determined by the tryout and evaluation skate process.

Who can I contact if I have more questions?
If you have further questions regarding Tier II (A & AA), you can email Dave Toth @ This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

KOHA is well recognized as the largest association in the area as well as for having some of the best talent in the area. As a program we promote fair play and good sportsmanship not only on the ice, but in the stands as well.

KOHA is registered with MAHA and USA Hockey and is insured under the auspices of a USA Hockey group policy. The age scheme for divisions is as follows...and it would be helpful for you to know this at the time of registration. If you have questions about which division is right for your child - please call or email before you register so we can ensure your child is placed in the correct division.


2017-18 SEASON
































* fees for PeeWee, Bantam and JV are based on the number of players that are rostered on the team. Approximate fees will be posted sometime in April 2017.

Managers Instructions for Rostering a Team
Instructions for managers on how to roster will be provided after the teams are chosen, KOHA will have a managers meeting to go over details for the upcoming season. Managers must have the below forms from each player (TO BE COMPLETED ONLINE USING PRIVIT).


Participant Code of Conduct
Parent Code of Conduct (STAR Form)
Consent to Treat
Concussion Form