Is it Wise to Specialize?

The temptation and risk of being a one-sport, year-round athlete

NHL players who excelled at other sports

NHL strength coach alarmed over declining youth athletic skils


The links and resources below are just a start. USA Hockey provides a MASSIVE amount of information for parents, coaches and players. In this age of technology and information available at our fingertips, sometimes knowing where to start can be overwhelming. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

GOALTENDING - Drills, Resources, Development, News, Videos, and Goalie Training On The Go! All in ONE place! So much information for goalies, parents and coaches!

ADM Kids - USA Hockey has an entire website devoted to the philosophical approach for the best strategies for long-term athlete development, and how that translates to on-ice success for youth hockey players.

What is the ADM (American Development Model)?

Age-Specific Q&As for development - Ever wonder what's being emphasized at each age, and WHY? It's all right here.


INFORMATION FOR PARENTS - How can the sport of hockey be so important – instrumental even – in the future success of a young man or woman? After all, it’s just a game. But it can be so much more than that. It’s a beacon of hope for wayward kids. A fitness program to fight the epidemic of childhood obesity. A meeting ground for lifelong friends. But at its heart hockey is, and should be, fun. A chance for kids to pour out their passion and creativity on the ice. For them to learn and grow with every practice. To just be a kid and enjoy the game. That’s what the ADM is all about.

Let Kids Be Kids: A Letter To Parents
As parents, we want nothing but the best for our children. It’s an innate part of being called mom and dad. We want to ensure they have the best academic possibilities, the best upbringing, and in many cases, the best athletic opportunities. High achievements in any or all of those categories assert us as “good parents.”

What does fun look like in youth sports?

What is long-term athlete development?

Getting your player dressed for the first time (or for the first several times) can be daunting!  Here's a helpful video about the protective equipment required in hockey, and how to put it on correctly.