No More KOHA Paper Forms!

This is the new online system that will be used to fill out of the required USA Hockey and MAHA forms:

·      USA Hockey Consent to Treat/Medical History Form

·      USA Hockey Participant Code of Conduct

·      MAHA STAR Form, Parent/Legal Guardian Code of Conduct Agreement

·      MAHA Concussion Form - Player

·      MAHA Concussion Form – Coach

The required forms will be displayed based upon the registration.  In other words if registering a player then only the player forms will be displayed or if you register as a Coach or Manager only those forms will be displayed.  Note:  If you are a Coach with a player then you will need to complete the forms twice.  Once as a Parent and again as a Coach or Manager.

The following are the instructions for getting into the system and completing the required forms:

1.    Register an account in Parent, Coach or Manager name here:

2.    Add athlete(s) to your account or Coach

3.     Complete all relevant Athlete or Coach information

o   Coaches will have to complete the form as the Athlete and ParentThat has been reported to USA Hockey as an outstanding issue.

4.     Apply parent electronic signature

    • Consent to Treat / Medical History
    • Participant Code of Conduct

5.     Apply athlete electronic signature

o   Participant Code of Conduct

After completing the forms, you MUST join a team.  We’re using Birth Year as the team name so select your player’s birth year to join a team, click Update next to Joined Teams, and check the box next to the correct team(s) your Athlete or Coach that you are joining.

Once the required information has been completed and e-signatures have been applied to the necessary forms, the signed document will become available automatically and once the entire team has completed the forms they will be approved by Frank Noonan. 

Privit has a Help Desk so If you need assistance contact the Help Center at (844) 234-4357 or visit  Other questions should be directed to the KOHA office at (269) 349-7825.

Keep in mind that this is new software so as issues are reported I will communicate with the Vendor to address them.  The nice thing with this system is once the forms are completed then the following seasons they will only have to be updated.  Also if players move to Meijer AAA or High School the forms will also be available to that school if they are participating on the Privit system, which has been endorsed by MHSAA

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