Monday, March 18th @ 7:00pm
2013/14 Travel
& House B Informational Meeting
Wings Stadium Complex - Front Ticket Lobby

All tryouts are open to everyone and all are encouraged to come and tryout.
Tryouts held at the Wings West off of 9th Street in Kalamazoo, Michigan.
Cost for Tryouts is $60.00

                       Squirt (A) K-Wings                                                                   Squirt (AA) K-Wings
                            2004 Birth Year                                                                             2003 Birth Year
                    Tuesday April 30th 7:15 PM                                                           Monday April 29th 7:15 PM
                   Wednesday May 1st 7:15 PM                                                         Tuesday April 30th 6:00 PM
                    Thursday May 2nd 6:00 PM                                                           Wednesday May 1st 6:00 PM

                     PeeWee (A) K-Wings                                                                PeeWee (AA) K-Wings
                           2002 Birth Year                                                                            2001 Birth Year                           
                  Thursday April 25th 8:15 PM                                                          Wednesday April 24th 7:15 PM
                    Friday April 26th 7:15 PM                                                              Thursday April 25th 7:15 PM
                   Monday April 29th 6:00 PM                                                               Friday April 26th 6:00 PM

                    Bantam (A) Gold K-Wings                                                           Bantam (AA) K-Wings
                          2000 Birth Year                                                                              1999 Birth Year
                    Tuesday April 23rd 6:00 PM                                                           Monday April 22nd 6:00 PM
                  Wednesday April 24th 8:15 PM                                                         Tuesday April 23rd 7:15 PM
                   Thursday April 25th 6:00 PM                                                        Wednesday April 24th 6:00 PM

                  Bantam (A) Silver K-Wings (Tryout is $40)                                         Junior Varsity
                        2000 Birth Year                                                                    1997, 1998, & 1999 Birth Years
                                                                                                                     Monday August 12th 6:15 PM
                    Thursday May 2nd 7:15 PM                                                          Tuesday August 13th 6:15 PM
                     Friday May 3rd 6:00 PM                                                             Thursday August 15th 6:15 PM